Science says those who get up earlier are in better shape

By Marni Dixit March 20, 2017
Waking up

This study is enough to turn us into morning people!

A recent study of 2000 people and what time they wake up and what they ate has found that ‘morning people’ have better habits than ‘evening people’.

Morning people normally start the day with a balanced meal containing protein and healthy fats, but those who wake later generally started the day with sugary, carb-heavy foods. 

Egg and avocado toast

A spokesperson from The Obesity Society, Dr Courtney Peterson of the University of Alabama at Birmingham said eating earlier doesn’t only lower the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, but also boosts metabolism. So, the earlier you eat, the more calories you’ll likely burn.

Your eating choices are reportedly also linked to whether you wake up earlier or later with early risers eating more protein and less sugar.

Those who wake up later are also more likely to eat at random times, sleep poorly and be less active.


Nutritionists often say those who aren’t getting enough sleep crave carb and sugar-heavy foods which lead to weight gain. 

But if you can’t help when you’re waking up, a tip would be to plan in advance. Try and pack healthy meals for yourself if you work later hours. Think proteins, veggies and fruits.

Just remember, you need to get between seven and nine hours of sleep and eat less sugar to feel better faster. 

Plus, if you’re healthier, you’re more likely to earn more cash! 

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