The secret to getting your skin looking fab, fast

By Stephanie Nuzzo April 18, 2017
Skin care

Got an event next week? Here’s how to sort your skin quick smart

So, you’ve got a big important event next week and your skin is really not looking its best. Turning your skin’s appearance around in a short timeframe may seem impossible, but it can be done. We spoke to Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica about her tips:

A big event is next week – what facial treatment should I think of having to give my skin a real boost?

I’d recommend an intensive, active skin treatment that includes a really thorough, professional exfoliation treatment either incorporating a Chemical Peel, Hydro-dermabrasion or a lipid-based Vitamin A exfoliant. This will ensure the skin presents an even skin tone, with a dewy, smooth texture. Combine the exfoliation with a revitalising facial massage to stimulate the circulation, muscles and improve the tone of the skin, a treatment serum deeply infused with either ultrasound or micro current, followed with professionally zoned multi-masking, and to complement the treatment a 20-minute session with LED.

I wake up with a huge pimple on the day of the event! What should I do?

If you squeeze it you can spread the infection, cause damage to the very delicate skin and end up having not only more spots but possibly a scar too! Instead, use treatment products; Overnight intensive spot clearing treatments are fantastic. They are placed directly onto a spot(s) to heal them rapidly and effectively.

What are some tips to get glowing skin fast?

Avoid any skin procedures with notable ‘down time’ e.g. Fraxel Laser therapy, Deep Chemical Peels

Don't squeeze your own spots; any skin expert will advise you to never squeeze your spots due to the damage you can do. Because a spot is red, inflamed, score to the touch and filled with bacteria, when you squeeze it you can easily spread the infection and cause damage to the very delicate skin within the follicle and the skin surrounding the spot. As a result, you’ll likely end up with even more spots but the worst thing of all is possibly a scar, too.

Avoid sun exposure; this not only can cause sunburn, it also dehydrates the skin, can cause skin discolouration but can also sensitise the skin as well.

Cut out as many stimulants as possible such as caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, smoking etc. Remove (as much as possible) the consumption of processed foods, refined sugars, and 'junk food' from your diet!

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What is a good skincare routine to follow in the weeks leading up to a special event?

Cleansing is a hugely important step in your skin’s health so dedicating a  minute or two on your cleansing routine will be of great benefit. Cleansing removes the dirt, grime, dead skin cells and importantly any sunscreen off the surface of the skin, preventing congestion, breakouts, dull, rough textured skin and even in the long term, premature ageing.

Double cleansing means you cleanse your skin twice in the morning and then repeat the same process in the evening, this ensures your skin is thoroughly clean.

To keep the skin fresh and silky smooth with a good cell turnover rate I’d recommend exfoliating the skin about two to three times per week.

To achieve a luminous skin every day try the ‘microfoliants’, these gentle products lightly ‘micro’ polish the skin surface with ingredients such as rice bran powder, you achieve the smoothness you’re looking for without the associated irritation. You’ll notice how great your skin looks and feels and how easy it is to apply your party makeup after a recent exfoliation treatment.

Masks are fantastic at getting quick but instant results, especially if used the night of a party. If your skin is dehydrated reach for a gel based hydrating product and if it’s oily and congested use a clay based mask and if you have breakouts opt for a medicated treatment mask. It’s fun to patch work your masks and treat your various skin concerns all in one go.

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