Signs your dog is truly happy

By Stephanie Nuzzo September 11, 2017
dog puppy getty

Because who doesn’t want a cheerful pooch?

According to studies, owning and interacting with an adorable puppy has the power to make you significantly happier (obviously). However, how can you tell whether or not you’re returning the favour and keeping your best mate content? 

Here are 10 ways to tell that your dog is living its best life:

1. Their tails wag:

This is a pretty well-known one, but in case you weren’t aware, the first sign a pup is in a good mood is that their tail will wag. 

According to the Metro, studies have shown that this is not true of ALL wags, though. It is believed that dogs who wag their tails to the right are happy chaps and those who wag their tails to the left are a little nervous. 

2. Their ears are relaxed:

Apparently, the happier the pooch, the more relaxed or floppy its ears will be. Pricked up ears are a sign of fear or aggression for pups. 

3. A loose-looking mouth:

If you’ve ever looked at your dog and thought he or she appeared to be smiling, chances are you’re not exactly wrong. A happy dog will have a relaxed jawline (that sometimes resembles a grin) rather than a tight mouth. 

4. They’re hungry:

Having a healthy appetite is a great sign that your dog is happy and healthy. If you notice a major change in this, it could be a sign that something isn’t right. 

5. They sleep… a lot:

According to PetMD, happy dogs can sleep up to 16 hours a day. This is a strong sign your pup is happy and relaxed. 

6. They’re calm when you leave:

Expert dog listener Stan Rawlinson told the Metro that a cheerful dog will be relaxed when you leave because they trust that you’ll come back - cute! 

7. A healthy-looking coat:

According to Beth Mullen, director of behaviour and training at Washington Humane Society (who has spoken with PetMD), a key sign that your pooch is unhappy or unhealthy is when their fur starts to shed. A shiny, healthy-looking coat is a good indication that your fur baby is a cheery one. 

8. They come over for cuddles: 

While many experts have shared that dogs aren’t actually big fans of hugs (it makes them feel trapped and dominated) according to reports, they see cuddles or snuggling up to their human pals entirely differently. If your dog likes to lie in your lap or cuddle with you in bed it’s usually a sign they are happy and comfortable with you. 

9. They show you their belly:

If your pup is lying on their back, wriggling around in a playful manner, it’s pretty safe to assume they are a happy chappy. 

10. They get along with other dogs:

If your pooch is a little socialite, it’s a good sign they are a content, good-natured dog. Making friends is always a great sign for pups. 

As with most things, paying close attention to your pet is a great way to gauge how their mood is and if they’re in their happiest, healthiest state. Keep on top of your pooch’s wellbeing by making sure they’re getting enough love, exercise, good food and the health products they need to keep them at 100%. Check out Simparica to protect your pooch from nasty fleas and ticks. 

Image: Getty