Social media slams Cadbury for decision to make chocolate blocks smaller

By Marni Dixit February 8, 2019
Cadbury Dairy Milk

"Didn't you guys already do this a few years back?"

Cadbury has confirmed their famous Dairy Milk family-sized blocks are about to shrink with increased input costs to blame for the decision.

The company announced the change on social media with a post outlining the changes to the family blocks of chocolate:

Fans slammed the brand in the comments with one user writing:

"Family block will now be the size of a Snack bar! Consumers being ripped off again!!"

Another wrote:

"Didn't you guys already do this a few years back? Is this a yearly thing now?"

While someone else added:

"Soon it will be just one square wrapped up. Bye bye Cadbury"

While it's clear many fans were unimpressed by the change, there were also many who commented that they will still buy the chocolate.

Many others used it as an opportunity to ask the company if they'd consider bringing back the Marble blocks, however, the company responded saying, "There are no plans to bring back Marble at this stage."

According to News.Com.Au, Paul Chatfield, Cadbury's marketing director said:

“We want to keep our Cadbury blocks affordable, so decided to reduce the block size rather than increase the price."

The company said it will reduce the recommended retail cost of some of the bars from $4.99 to $4.79, however, the shelf price isn't set by Cadbury, rather the retailers.

Four years ago, Cadbury reduced the 220g block of Dairy Milk to 200g, and now the blocks will be reduced to 180g.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Picnic will drop 10g while Old Gold will be reduced by 20g.

Mr Chatfield said:

“Due to increased costs in the four years since we last made a change, we are making our Cadbury blocks slightly smaller, but we are also slightly reducing the recommended retail price."

The company insists there will be no change in taste.

Despite the fact cocoa prices have fallen, Cadbury says overall costs have grown:

“We’ve seen an increase in business costs across the board including some ingredients, transport, energy, packaging and manufacturing. For the last four years we have absorbed these costs instead of making any changes to the size or recommended retail price of Cadbury family blocks, however it isn’t sustainable for us to continue to do that."

Image: Matt Cardy/Getty Images