Mac 'n' Cheese donuts are now a real thing

By Ally Parker September 12, 2017
mac and cheese donut

Glory hallelujah.

Sydney-siders, you're going to want to listen up, because we have news for you! Milky Lane in Bondi, has created something we've only dreamed of – Mac 'n' Cheese Donuts! And they're beautiful:

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“Crunchy golden outside. Oozing cheese, bacon and mac inside.”

Oh. My. God.

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Aside from the above, Milky Lane is known for their crispy fried doughnut cones, bacon waffle thick shakes and next level burgers.

Seriously, here’s the spiel for The Big Poppa:

Wagyu beef patty, Texan slow-smoked beef brisket, streaks of maple-smoked bacon, double American cheddar, a disc of fried macaroni and cheese, onion rings, homemade pickles, tomato relish, mustard and a creamy Milky Lane house sauce.

If you need us, we'll be in Bondi inhaling a few Mac 'n' Cheese donuts...

Lead Image: Facebook / Milky Lane Bondi