Surprising Flight Rules You Probably Don't Know But Definitely Should

By Krisinda Merhi December 18, 2019

Who knew?

When it comes to travelling there are some pretty stock standard rules we all know. 

No aerosol cans in your carry on, no bottles over 100ml on your person, stow away the table in front during take off and landing. 

But it turns out some of the basic travelling rules, like stowing our bags away, aren’t what we remember them to be. 

So we’ve done some groundwork, and found out exactly what is expected when flying. 

Cabin Crew DON’T Have To Help With Bags 

On local airlines like Qantas and Virgin Australia, cabin crew may only help passengers with their bags if the luggage doesn’t exceed a certain weight amount. 

Qantas recently revised their carry-on luggage limit to 10kg, which is great for the passenger but increases risk of injury for cabin staff. Qantas cabin crew are within their rights, according to Qantas policy, to refuse requests for help with carry-on baggage.

Virgin Australia crew will help passengers with their carry-on — as long as it does not exceed the airline’s 7kg weight limit.

No, You Can’t Have That Seat Just Because It’s Empty 

We all know what it feels like to be in a crappy aisle seat and have an empty window seat next to us. 

We just want to sit comfortably, damn it. 

But we can’t just slide along and take a seat because it’s empty. Passengers are required to sit in their allocated seat for safety reasons – if something goes wrong, cabin crew need to know everyone is accounted for. 

But, if you really want that window seat, you can ask cabin crew for permission to move. 

You Can Be Kicked Off A Plane For Smelling Bad

It’s common sense and common decency to shower before stepping out in public. Especially when you know you’re going to be in a confined space with lots of people. 

Normally, smelling a bit crusty won’t get you in trouble. But many airlines have a clause written into their conditions of travel that allow passengers with bad body odour to be banned from boarding. 

American Airlines can not only refuse transport to a passenger, they can have them removed from the flight at any point, if they “have an offensive odour not caused by a disability or illness”.

A number of other (mostly American) airlines have the same rule, including Delta Air Lines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, plus Puerto Rico’s Seaborne Airlines.

You Can’t Leave The Country With A Wad Of Cash 

Why? Simple, it’s suss. 

It might be innocent enough, but leaving the country with too much money can get you pulled up at customs. 

Travel Money Oz general manager Scott McCullough told that travellers should check the legal requirements for the country they’re departing as well as the country they’re travelling to.

“Often people travelling home or to visit family, for whatever reason, can get caught out with extra cash, cheques or documents that can trip them up at customs.”

So if you abide by these rules and just generally make sure you’re a pleasant passenger, you should have no issues when travelling. 

Images: Bridesmaids / Universal Pictures.