Sydney’s Tramsheds Are Serving A Hot Cross Bun Icecream Sandwich For Easter

By Krisinda Merhi April 2, 2019

Cup of milk not included. 

We didn’t know it until now, but Easter dessert is a thing. 

And we are here for it.

Especially when it looks like this: 

We’ll give you a moment… 

Don’t forget to wipe the drool off your chin… 

Take a deep breath… 


That, my friends, is a hot cross bun ice cream sandwich. But it’s not just any ice cream sandwich, no. It’s a fancy ice cream sandwich. Meaning it has berry compote in it and is bloody delicious. 

The $13 masterpiece can be enjoyed at Butcher and the Farmer at Sydney’s Tramsheds for the month of April. 

If you’re not a hot cross bun person then give Garçon’s Deconstructed Easter Egg Latte ($8.50) a crack. 

Are you lactose intolerant? (you poor soul) 

Vegan? (good for you) 

On a health kick? (dessert is heallthy, right?) 

Pop down to Fish and Co. for a taste of something slightly different, the Vegan Coco Whip Banana Sundae ($15). 

If you’re craving something stronger there’s an alcoholic option. 

Redline Taphouse will be serving their very own Hot Cross Sour ($15) made with Bourbon, Amaretto, Lemon and Special house ‘buns’ syrup shaken with egg white.

Personally, we can’t pick just one. 

Dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner is totally reasonable, right?


Images: Supplied, Giphy / Giphy.