Take yourself on a Knafeh journey at the smooth Festival of Chocolate

By Lynette C August 24, 2018

Kanafeh. Kunafa. Knafeh. 

However you see it spelt, this sweet and savoury Middle-Eastern dessert is having a serious moment in Australia’s culinary scene.

In its most basic form, Knafeh is a sweet cheese dessert, soaked in sugar syrup — it’s a bit like a savoury, cheesy, stretchy brulee. Some say it dates back to the Ottoman Empire, others say its origin is from Turkey, Palestine, Jerusalem, Egypt or Greece. Whatever it’s true origins, its growing popularity in Australia is a true nod to our nation’s multicultural melting pot.

The creator’s origins usually determine what oozing cheese and cream, and crunchy delight you’ll find on top. From fine, crispy noodles, to crunchy, nutty pistachios, light, airy shredded filo dough to satisfyingly x semolina dough – there are so many different variations of Knafeh to explore. Here’s a few versions you can find on offer at year’s smooth Festival of Chocolate. 

Knafeh Bakery – The bearded bakers with roots in Jerusalem are back, bringing their all singing, all dancing, all baking shipping container along for the ride. Their traditional Knafeh gets an upgrade at 2018’s Festival, topped with a scoop of more-ish chocolate booza. What’s chocolate booza? Booza is credited as one of the oldest forms of ice-cream, elasticy, stretchy, and just straight up delicious. It makes sense that they’ve chosen our favourite flavour, chocolate, to get us salivating for September 1 & 2!

Knefeh French Toast – the name says it all! Filled with sweet cheese custard, the crunchy French toast shell is dressed with crushed pistachios, rose petals, rose water syrup, vanilla ice cream & dessert sauce. Stop. It. We can’t take any more! Get your French-Toast- Feast on in The Dome.

The Dessert House – launching her brand new dessert cart at this year’s Festival, Tania has two Knafeh variations on offer, each as mouth-watering as the other. Her Nutella Knafeh sprinkled with pistachio & rose petals is almost too beautiful to eat – just try and stop yourself devouring the nutty delight before taking an instaworthy snap!

Nutella Knafeh

For those who like their Knafeh on the go, there’s also the Knafeh cup, with the signature rose petal topping. Perfect for snacking on the go as you explore the rest of the fest’!

Knafeh Cups

And that’s just the beginning … Take yourself on a little Knafeh journey at this year’s smooth Festival of Chocolate, September 1 & 2 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park – get your tickets to start your Knafeh love affair here.