Target's new $20 item will instantly up your living room game

By Sangeeta Kocharekar July 17, 2017
Bohemian living room

No excuse not to perfect it now

ICYMI, Kmart, Aldi and Target homewares are having a moment right now. The three stores are dropping trendy product left, right and centre, and they're selling out as quickly as they come. Take Kmart's $39 blue velvet chair, which barely even had a chance to hit stores before it was announced as sold out online and in-stores. 

Now, there's a new item that's sweeping through Instagram, and we guarantee if you don't act quick, it'll soon sell out too. Target released a new line of cushions, and there's one that's caught everyone's eye: the 45cm Freya Cushion.

Unique details and neutral colours  – adding it to a chair or couch in your lounge room will instantly give you that boho street cred.

Sadly, the cushion isn't available to buy online, but given that it was only recently released, we think there's a strong chance it'll still be available in-stores.

Run. Don't walk.