Taronga Zoo's New Baby Chimp Will Brighten Your Day

By Krisinda Merhi July 14, 2019

Cuteness level: 100. 

Small animals are the best way to brighten up your day. 

Our favourite are obviously doggos (cat people, please leave) but we’re definitely not opposed to other cute, fury friends. 

Well, Taronga Zoo has gone and done us a solid this fine Sunday and announced the birth of a new baby chimp. 

The new tiny addition is named Safiri and was birthed by mum Shiba back in May. 

Look at her lil’ face! 

Baby Safiri is officially out in exhibit today, just in time for World Chimpanzee Day - talk about perfect timing. 

The birth beings more success for Taronga’s chimpanzee conservation efforts. Taronga now has 21 chimpanzees in their dynamic group with the oldest chimpanzee named Spitter going on 60 next year.

“Having another little girl really helps us balance out our group and having Cebele our one and a half year old as a playmate will really help with Safiri’s growth and development,” Primate Keeper Janet said.

Don’t feel sad if you visit the zoo and can’t see Safiri- she’s there, just playing shy.  If you look closely, you might spot Safiri’s tiny head or hand and feet occasional poking out from Shiba’s chest as she hugs her baby close. 

As the days pass there will be more opportunities to catch a glimpse of the youngster as Shiba will start to swing Safiri across her back rather than cradling her in front of her chest.

Safiri joins other adorable baby animals at Taronga Zoo Sydney including the three playful Sumatran Tiger cubs. 

You too can help support chimpanzee conservation through simple actions such as recycling your old mobile phones at Taronga Zoo Sydney during their experience or by signing up at

Images: Supplied.