There's a new style of workout designed specifically for ladies and we're so ready for our new abs

By Stephanie Nuzzo June 28, 2018
Women Fitness Training Exercise Getty

Please tell us there are no burpees involved...

If you're a lady person who is looking to up your fitness levels and perhaps tone up your legs, tum and bum a little, you're going to want to listen up because there's a brand new workout style designed specifically for you.

Enter ZADI Training. 

The fresh workout style is a new take on the super popular (and pretty damn effective) HIIT fitness approach, but the sessions are structured in a particular way to factor in how female bodies move and perform. 

And before you ask, no. This isn't just another pump class. 

The classes are actually designed to be personalised to each woman's needs with different intensity levels, repetition and weight options. You'll also be fitted with a heart rate monitor for each workout so you (and your instructor) can see just how you're tracking during each workout. 

The sessions are designed to include a mix of strength, HIIT, cardio and core moves (all the things that'll get you sweatin') and promises some serious results. 

If you're keen to give this a go, classes are available in Surry Hills and Neutral Bay, in Sydney

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