There’s A Petition To Get Israel Folau's GoFundMe Shut Down

By Krisinda Merhi June 24, 2019

"How is it fair that a man who has millions in property is allowed to ask for money?"


Israel Folau has always been pretty public about his religious beliefs. However, earlier this year he shared what Rugby Australia deemed to be homophobic content on his Instagram account which he has since copped a lot of criticism for. [link out to this] 

Last week, the former rugby player set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the legal fees to support his upcoming court battle with Rugby Australia. The page was accompanied by this video: 

And people were not pleased. 

A petition has since been made to get Israel kicked off the fundraising site. The main criticism being the request for donations which could be given to “worthier” causes.

The petition’s original target of 7,500 signatures has already been smashed by about 80,000. It currently has 90,934 signatures but that number is increasing every few seconds (literally). 

The petition, which was started yesterday by Jay Taylor, asks:

“How is it fair that a man who has millions in property is allowed to ask for money to fight legal fees where he not only broke his contract but discriminated against many different people in the world saying it was based off religion[?] He is dragging the ARU [Australian Rugby Union] and Christians through the mud.” 

The petition also suggests Israel Folau may be in breach of the GoFundMe site’s rules: 

“The GoFundMe terms and conditions state that is prohibited to use their services to raise funds that contribute to any campaign with the explicit purpose of involving the legal defense of hate, discrimination, intolerance of any kind relating to sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity,” it reads. 

Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa also weighed-in on the discussion:

“I struggle to understand his argument to be honest,” Wippa shared on air this morning. 

“He knew the rules of what he was agreeing to and decided to sign on to the team that is Rugby Australia… social media clause or not, it’s just a reputation - you understand exactly what you are representing.” 

Fitzy also noted that Israel’s “ex teammates have come out and are very very upset with what he’s doing.”

“If you actually go to the GoFundMe page it has the top four or five GoFundMe pages that you can donate to and the other three around Israel were sick kids… obviously Israel doesn't know what was going to happen but it doesn’t look good,” Fitzy continued.

“No it doesn’t because he’s created it himself, he’s put himself in that situation,” Wippa agreed. 

There’s no denying people feel strongly about Israel Folau. 

In the time it’s taken to write this article, the petition to get Israel booted off GoFundMe has gained another 350 signatures. 

UPDATE: Israel Folau's GoFundMe campaign has been taken down. 

Images: Anthony Au-Yeung / Stringer / Getty.