These Are The Destinations You Should Be Escaping To This Christmas

By Rebecca O'Malley July 1, 2019

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What better time to get away from it all.  Sure, the weather in Sydney is glorious in the summertime— the days are long, the sun shines bright and spirits are most certainly high — but the stress of hosting family and friends can add a lot of unnecessary pressure. Cooking, cleaning, making beds… ugh. 

Offices usually close down for the holiday period and most of us can enjoy three public holidays over Christmas and New Year. 

You’re time poor with some time off — and you want to enjoy the time you have with family and friends.  Relax into the holiday period and get away from it all. We’ve lined up our recommendations for destinations to hit up over the summer holiday period.


Say aloha to quite shores, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, untouched beauty and mountainous views. It’s a literal paradise. Plus, the temperature rarely dips below 23 degrees.

Fiji and the South Pacific

Islands, islands, islands. As far as the eyes can see. Fiji is home to 333 islands, each more beautiful than the last, and is commonly regarded as the most welcoming country in the world. Sure, you won’t be able to visit off all 333 islands in one trip (but you can certainly try!), be sure to tick off the two biggest cities (Suva and Lautoka). 

If the 333 islands of Fiji aren’t enough to satisfy your winter getaway feels, venture further into the South Pacific. We recommend Mare Island, New Caledonia, Mystery Island, Vanuatu, Lifou and Loyalty Island. 

Hong Kong

Hello, city break! If it’s the hustle and bustle of the city that you love, consider Hong Kong. The food is wonderfully diverse (Hong Kong is home to the world’s cheapest Michelin starred meal) and the vibrant street art scene will certainly whet your cultural whistle. 

Bangkok, Thailand

Where culture meets modernity. Expect top class gastronomy, historically significant landmarks, broad social tolerance, a penis shrine and the world’s largest Chinatown. You’ll be visiting during the warm and dry period too, with temperatures averaging around the 32 degree mark. Heaven!

Produced in partnership with Cruiseco. 

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