The Travel Hour: Exploring The Unknown In Alaska, America’s Untouched State

By Rebecca O'Malley July 15, 2019

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Alaska is the 49th state of the USA and perhaps, the least explored. Breathtaking landscapes, towering mountains, majestic glaciers and crystal clear waters remain largely untouched. In Alaska, nature continues as it always has.

Channel your inner David Attenborough and watch as native wildlife roam the land, sky and ocean. Kodiak bears catch salmon from waterfalls, giant moose and caribou graze the meadows, orca soar up from the seas to say hello. When it comes to human geography, Alaska is the least populated American state — enjoy the serene peace of being alone. 

Alaska is home to seven of the world’s biggest national parks. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve extends over 3.3 million acres and is the largest UNESCO protected biosphere in the world. Fjords and tidewater glaciers stretch from the mountains to the coast in an area largely untouched by humans. This is natural beauty at its best.

Your holiday will be largely determined by the month of your visit. Given its positioning In the north, flowers bloom as the sun shines high throughout the night. During the northern hemisphere winter, the sun barely hits the horizon. While the long nights may not be of initial appeal to many sun-loving Aussie tourists, winter is the best time to see the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis, Alaska’s Northern Lights. The spectacular natural light show is notoriously unpredictable so if you're keen, visit in the winter between September to August 20. 

Many visitors to Alaska choose to experience the country by cruise between May and September (the best time to see the Northern Lights). With its enduring coastlines and mountainous terrain, travelling by sea is the perfect way to see Alaska’s astounding natural beauty. 

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