Turns Out There’s A Scientific Reason Humans Are So Obsessed With Dogs

By Isabella Bull December 10, 2019


Picture this: you’re walking to work, when a fluffy puppy comes up to you with its little tail wagging.

Unless you’re highly strange, naturally, you pet the small angel. 

But have you ever wondered why?

Turns out there's a common evolutionary chemical reaction that takes place in our brains whenever we sight a cute dog.

Bustle spoke to clinical psychologist Jephtha Tausig, who revealed the firestorm of physical and emotional responses dogs elicit in humans is... literally not even about dogs.

"There is some research that seems to suggest that puppies, like kittens, and other things we typically feel are 'cute', cause us to react in a way similar to our reaction to human babies (i.e. something small, helpless, with proportionally large heads and eyes)," she explained.

"For many individuals the 'awwwww' response is part of our evolution in terms of being somewhat primed to assist or interact with babies who are in need of our protection and care."

Um… we have never the way we feel about dogs about humans… but sure.

Tausig also told the publication that while simply sighting a dog causes this intense love-reaction, actually petting the dog in question takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

“There is additional research that shows that patting an animal (even a stuffed animal), causes blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration to calm down,” she said.

Okay, can confirm.

Apparently, petting a dog triggers the brain to release oxytocin (or as it’s commonly known, the love chemical) - which not only calms us down, but makes us feel emotionally connected to the dog.

So basically, dogs are science’s gift to humans?

That’s what we’re taking out of this. 

Image: Pexels, Giphy