Amazing $2 Kmart product fast becoming the talk of the town

By Ally Parker April 11, 2018

Dr. Chris Brown has endorsed it!

In case you been living under the world's densest rock, you'll know we love Kmart.

It's the worlds' worst kept secret and you know what?


The latest prod to spark our fancy is nothing more than a $2 window squeegee.


In fact, the hack is so beloved, it's been endorsed by Dr. Chris Brown. 

"I honestly had little hope when I picked it up off the shelf, but I thought that it was only $2 and I could use it elsewhere if it didn't work, so I had nothing to lose," she told News Corp.

"I feel it's quicker with the squeegee and also better for my back, as I don't have to bend as much. With the rubber gloves it was hard to do the softer parts like the headrest and arms and also getting into the grooves and tight stops - the squeegee does all that with ease." 

"I was originally using rubber gloves, but was having a slight reaction, because I was having to use them every day."

The discovery has great timing too as Kmart have just released a new range of winter pet gear.

BRB time for a shopping trip.

Image: Getty