Unicorns are real. Well, at least they are in the world of desserts.

By Lynette C August 24, 2018

A trend that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon like its mythical namesake, unicorn themed desserts are equal parts rainbow, sparkle, and whimsy. 

Bursting onto the scene a couple of years back, nearly every foodstuff tried to create something inspired by the illusive horned horse. Bagels and frappes got the rainbow makeover, whole cafes even appeared in countries like Japan. We can’t blame them either, there’s something special about a creation that can sweep you, and your tummy, away with whimsy. There’s nothing quite like letting yourself feel a child again.

You can chase rainbows on September 1 & 2 at this year’s smooth Festival of Chocolate, with a selection of exhibitors offering up mystical creations …

N2 Extreme Gelato:

There’s a sweet little smile that creeps across the face of anyone who comes across N2 Gelato. Theatre and gastronomy meet spectacularly, as they create their signature ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Spot a Unicorn (cake) or a cute character (dome) or two at their stall in Cathy Freeman Park. You can also see one of N2’s founders Min Chai weave his mesmerizing magic on The Callebaut Test Kitchen Stage, or in the smooth Kids Zone, where kids over 12 can create incredible desserts.

Yummy Dutch Pancakes:

Tales of unicorns have been around for centuries, so it makes sense for traditional Dutch poffertjes to have a glittering makeover. Yummy Dutch Pancakes are serving up their tantalising mini pancake puffs, with all kinds of different flavours, from caramel crunch to Nutella. But the one that really caught our eye was their Rainbow Unicorn Poffertjes. Drizzled with maple syrup, showered with rainbow sprinkles, studded with marshmallows, and with a little crown of fairy floss, our faces basically turned into the love-heart eyes emoji when we saw it. Get your fill in The Dome.

Fluffy Crunch Gourmet Fairy Floss:

Fluffy Crunch’s delicate wisps of fine spun sugar are pure magic. A feast for the eyes as well as the belly, the Fluffy Crunch team are bringing the Flurrito to this year’s festival. A bed of dreamy fairy floss, topped with colourful cereal, and a scoop of runny ice cream to match – you can almost picture yourself riding a unicorn across a rainbow with a Flurrito in hand! You might not be able to literally ride a rainbow when you eat one, but you can certainly enjoy the sunshine when you pick yours up in Cathy Freeman Park.

Fluffy Crunch Gourmet Fairy Floss

And that’s just the beginning. Get your tickets now to this year’s smooth Festival of Chocolate, September 1 & 2 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, and to take your tastebuds to another realm bursting with magic. It might even make you believe in unicorns again.