Vegemite just launched a completely new look and it’s fancy

By Christina Cavaleri October 11, 2017

We're not sure how we feel about this...

Australia’s iconic breakfast spread just launched their very own “premium” blend which is apparently “richer and sweeter” in flavour.

With this new look comes a new price, and it’s charging twice as much as your budget, original Vegemite. Retailing for $6.99 compared to $3 for the original.

The new spread comes in a 150g golden jar and has been dubbed the “Blend 17”.


It’s part of a limited edition range with just 450k jars available, so get in quick if you want to taste it. 

“Blend 17”, originated in 1923 when Vegemite’s inventor Cyril Callister came up with the spread, he tried and tested several different blends to find the perfect balance for Vegemite that Australians know and love.

The premium blend has been created for the “Vegemite lovers who are looking for that extra intense and bold hit”.

The spread has been made in the Vegemite factory in Port Melbourne. However, there is no different ingredients to the spread, but according to a spokesperson, the way the product has been blended is why the taste has changed.

“Blend 17 takes some of these earlier recipes to bring this richer, bolder taste and the naming is simply in recognition of the year we have been able to bring this to Australians.”

Will you give it a shot?