Vets Warn About The Dangers Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

By Ally Parker December 10, 2019


Vets have issued a warning to all cat owners about the dangers of Himalayan salt lamps. 

While trendy and supposedly super good for you, these salt lamps are reportedly “addictive” for cats to lick and can lead to sodium poisoning. This in turn, can lead to pain, vomiting, seizures and even death.

The warning comes from First Vets, who shared a cautionary tale on Facebook.

“Ruby’s very concerned owners presented her to us with various neurological signs – she was unable to walk properly, and appeared to be blind and confused,” they explained on Facebook.

“After blood samples were taken, results revealed Ruby had extremely high levels of sodium and chloride in her blood. Having ruled out the possibility of other diseases, our vets asked Ruby’s owner if there was any possibility Ruby had somehow eaten a significant quantity of salt (sodium chloride).”

The owner revealed that the small kitten had taken an “interest” in the salt lamp.

The vets were able to stabilise the small cat and return her to normal explaining that in general, this type of salt poisoning was usually accidental (in fact, usually it involves dogs eating playdough) but that pet owners, especially those with cats, should be cautious.

Image: Getty, Facebook/Rose Avenue Vets