Water Restrictions To Be Enforced For The First Time In A Decade

By Krisinda Merhi May 28, 2019


Water restrictions will be enforced in Sydney this Saturday for the first time in a decade.

According to the ABC, the State Government will make the official announcement later today. 

At this stage, it is unclear exactly what water use will be restricted. 

But, if past trends are anything to go by, we may be prohibited from using hoses (to clean driveways or cars) and sprinkler systems. 

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Dam levels are currently at 53.6% which is technically still high enough to avoid water restrictions (once levels are below 50% restrictions are necessary). However, as NSW is in ongoing drought, the decision to enforce water restrictions is an important one. 

A dirty car is a small price to pay if we’re helping our environment and our farming industry. 

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The last water restrictions were lifted in Sydney in June 2009.

Images: Getty, Giphy /Giphy.