Which fragrance you should wear based on your horoscope

By Sangeeta Kocharekar October 12, 2017

We asked an expert.

Ever wondered if there's a specific scent that's more "you" than another one? Turns out, it's actually a thing: some people are better suited to certain scents than others. We asked Director of Agence de Parfum Nick Smart for his help in telling us which fragrance we should wear based on our horoscope. 

Pisces: A generous and aromatic scent, Silver Mountain Water by Creed is for a kind and caring spirit. 

Cancer: A delicious blend, MMMM by Juliette Has A Gun complements the highly imaginative and intuitive.

Scorpio: A chic perfume, sparkling and fresh created in honour of Grace Kelly, Gin Fizz by Lubin is for the bold, assertive and brave.  

Taurus: Practical and well-grounded? Figment Woman by Amouage is a delightful scent.

Virgo: A symbol of tradition and exceptional quality 1270, by P.Frapin & Cie is for the hard worker.


Capricorn: Cuiron by Helmut Lang is a classic and fresh scent ideal for the responsible and realistic Capricorn

Aries: An international cult fragrance Juliette Has A Gun’s Lady Vengeance epitomises the confident and energetic Aries. 

Leo: Sexy and rebellious Roaring Radcliff by Penhaligon’s is for the dominant, natural born leader. 

Sagittarius: Worn by screen legends Marilyn Monroe and Bridgette Bardot, Fracas de Robert Piguet is intoxicating extending the boundaries (of fragrance), much like its wearer. 

Gemini: Inspired by beauty Penhaligon’s Empressa is worn by women of influence.  

Libra: An alluring and sexy perfume, So Nude by Costume National offers the wearer a new level of sensuality. If you are looking to rekindle your current romance or find a new one, this is the scent for you.

Aquarius: Inspired by the endless energy of wind and waves, L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Un Air de Bretagne is for the eccentric and energetic spirit

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