Is your pet happy and healthy?

By Amy Power March 27, 2017
Marley and me

Aren't pets just little bundles of joy?

We certainly think so!

Pets are part of the family and can often brighten up our very worst days. But y’know, they can’t tell us when something’s bothering them, so we need to do our best to keep them happy and healthy at all times. Here are our top tips on making sure your pet’s living the dream life…

Healthy food

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure your pet gets all the nutrients it needs in one meal. Some cheaper, dry foods won’t contain all the goodness your pet needs, such as energy, proteins, vitamins and other micro-nutrients.

When choosing food, try to find something that offers nutritional completeness and mentions AAFCO. It should also be easily digested - this is as much for your sake as theirs, seeing as you’re the one who has to clean up after them…

Above all else, your pet should also always have plenty of water to drink!


Some animals - particularly dogs - can be prone to getting a little depressed if they get lonely or have a lack of attention and affection in their lives. The best way to keep them happy is by keeping them busy by petting them, playing with them and setting them up on playdates with fellow dogs. Cats may not initially play as nicely together, but it’s great if they have a companion they get on with!

If your pet seems depressed, it’s worth taking them to the vet to get checked for a chemical imbalance that could be affecting their mood before trying other things.

Above all, remember that your pet is one of your most loyal friends, so treat them like one.

Regular vaccinations

Hopefully your pet was vaccinated for illnesses and diseases such as rabies, distemper and flu, amongst others, as a puppy or kitten, but injections often need to be topped up. Often your vets will remind you if your pet is due a vaccination, but make sure you keep on top of them or your furry friend may contract a harmful, and potentially life-threatening disease.


So cats are pretty lazy as pets go, they SHOULD exercise themselves so if yours starts to look a little on the heavy side, you may need to cut down on food.

However, dogs do need regular exercise to stay healthy - and happy! I mean, have you ever seen a dog more in its element than when it’s running to catch a ball? If only we could muster that kind of enthusiasm on a run…

Ideally they should have some outdoor space to roam around in, and depending on their particular breed, they should ideally be walked for at least 15 minutes, twice a day.

Flea and tick treatments

Fleas and ticks can be a huge threat to your pets. Fleas not only irritate your cats and dogs, but they can start biting you too. Once your home is infested, they’re tricky to get rid of!

Ticks can be even worse because they attach to your pet’s skin and feed on their blood. This can irritate their skin, cause infections and at worst, the paralysis tick (commonly found along the eastern coast of Australia), can paralyse and kill your pet. Scary stuff, right?

The best way to prevent fleas and ticks is to give your pets regular, effective protection such as Simparica (for dogs over 8 weeks of age and 1.3kg bodyweight). One chew, once a month works fast and lasts against fleas, ticks, mange and mites so protecting your dog against nasties has never been so simple. Though it's a monthly chew it actually keeps working fast for 35 days, so if you happen to miss the monthly dose, Simparica has you covered for a few extra days.

So minimise the risk and stock up on Simparica today!