Is Your Tupperware Stained Orange? There's A Hack For That

By Ally Parker January 10, 2020

Game changer.

Is 'orangeify' a word?

Not really.

But does it accurately describe that sad patina that takes over our Tupperware following a single spaghetti dinner?

Very much so, yes.

But what if we told you there was a way to erase your orange-based shame and fix stained Tupperware?

Blossom, one of many 'hack' video purveyors on the 'net, has released a handy guide to do just that.

In the video (a compilation, but the Tupperware hack is first up) shows the method but we'll tease you with the oh-so-simple ingredients list: sugar, dish soap, ice cubes, water and patience.

That's it. Watch on friend:

P.S. ever wondered why tomato-based foods stain Tupperware?

Spaghetti, or any tomato sauce really, has a compound called Lycopene in it, which is a red pigment related to beta-carotene. It is insoluble in water and tends to get stuck in porous things. Since plastic is porous at the microscopic level, Lycopene gets stuck inside and makes it difficult to remove.

Anyway, goodbye Tupperware-stain shame, we hardly knew ye.

Image: Blossom / Instagram