5 reasons you're meant to be single

By Marni Dixit March 21, 2016
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There are some people who go from relationship to relationship, but others are happily single. If you're meant to be single there are some sure fire ways to know...

1. You like focusing on yourself

Focussing on yourself

Speaking to Bustle, relationship coach, Rosalind Sedacca, said there are those who are the priority in their lives and will resent having to accomodate for someone else, "You're happiest when you're in charge, doing what you want and not being responsible to anyone else." So if you feel this way, stay single, it's the perfect way of life for you!

Psychologist, Nikki Martinez, also added, "[Women who are meant to stay single] do not feel like they are missing out on something — in fact, they often think everyone else is. "You might enjoy dating different people, but you don't want to be tied down to anyone. You're happy to swipe away on Tinder, but aren't looking for anything longterm.

2. You're happy with your life the way it is


If you're happy and just don't feel like you want to be with anyone, then that's fine! Stay single and enjoy being able to do whatever the hell you want to do without having to think about someone else. 

3. You have no desire to be in a relationship

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It's pretty simple, you just don't want to be in a relationship! Dr Jennifer Rhodes, image consultant and dating expert told Bustle, "We live in a beautiful time where men and women have the luxury of choice, and staying single is no longer considered abnormal." 

"[Being single is] meant to be if that person feels at peace, has lots of connections through friends and family and is fulfilled." 

A lot of people feel like they should be in a relationship even though they don't want to be in one, nowadays though, being single isn't that big of a deal and if you prefer it, go for it!

4. You enjoy your freedom and are happiest alone

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It's not that you've 'given up' on looking for someone, it's that you just don't need someone and you actually just prefer the single life. Psychologist, Bella DePaulo, says, "You know that you're 'meant to be' single if you're comfortable, content, and don't long for a spouse."

"If it's in your nature to enjoy independent time and you prefer making decisions on your own and you'd rather not spend the holidays at your in-laws, then you're probably a good candidate for living single."

5. You love your career and want to focus on that

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If you fear that being in a relationship will hold you back in getting ahead in your career, you're not alone.  Cecil Carter, CEO of dating app Lov, says it's not uncommon for her to meet men and women who share these traits, "highly ambitious, goal-oriented and nomadic at heart."

Never say never

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You enjoy being single, but you haven't shut the door completely just because a relationship hasn't worked for you in the past. Being single is totally fine, but don't slam the door on a potential romance just because you've decided this is the lifestyle you want - you never know what you might want in the future!

So basically, if you want to be single, that's awesome. If you want to be in a relationship, that's awesome too!

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