9 essential smartphone apps to make you a better person in 2016

By Matt February 4, 2016

Here are our picks of the best apps to help you be a happier, more organised person in 2016! New year, new you! 

1. Headspace

It’s pretty expensive (around $150 per year) but Headspace is widely considered the best meditation app ever. If you pay the money you get access to a huge range of guided sessions and programs aimed at different areas of your life like performance, creativity, and focus. 


2. MoneyBrilliant

Are you bad with money? Not anymore! MoneyBrilliant links to your bank account and lets you stay in control of how much you spend! Enter a few details about how much you earn, how much your bills are and how much you want to save and this app does the rest. Happy saving!


3. TED

Uninspired? Watch a Ted Talk on the Ted app! Pretty much any video you tap on will be worth watching. 


4. Wunderlist

Clear your mind by getting all your tasks out of your head and onto your Wunderlist!


5. MyFitnessPal

Trying to lose (or gain) weight? Most people are. Diet is probably the most important thing, and MyFitnessPal is still the best one available for keeping track of calories.  



Track your habits and goals with the app. It’s free! 


7. Pocket

Have you ever seen an interesting article while you were at work or on the bus and thought ‘Yep, I’ll definitely read that later’ only to completely forget? Well now you can store articles in your Pocket


8. Epicurious

Take your cooking to the next level with Epicurious


9. Sunrise

The most related people are often the most organised, and you can organise your whole life with Sunrise Calendar