9 simple tips to styling a home on a budget

By Sangeeta Kocharekar August 29, 2016

Easy ways to make your home look a lot more expensive than it is

Want your house to look a million dollars but don’t want to be spending thousands? No problem. Creating that beautiful and luxurious sanctuary doesn’t mean you have to max out the credit card. Allworth Homes and Inside OutsideDesign have put together their top ten tricks and tips to create a fabulous looking home while your bank account stays fat and healthy. 

Susanne Majlath, founder and director of Inside OutsideDesign, said: 

"The main ingredient to creating that perfect space is inspiration. Before you go on your shopping spree, ensure you have done your research. A great place to source ideas and inspiration is through pictures. Make sure you’ve signed up to Pinterest and do some hashtag searching on Instagram. For example, if you’re going for a French inspired look, Pinterest and Instagram will have it all"

Here's nine other tips to get you started:

Less is more

Rather than jamming your shelves full of books and ornaments, we suggest a cluster/groups of 3, to create a minimal look and will freshen up any room. Adding objects of different heights and colours will give the shelves personality and a quirky look, rather than a cluttered messy look which can make the room appear smaller.

Organise your rooms and declutter


This immediately makes the room look bigger, cleaner and more upscale. The best part about this is it costs basically nothing and will simplify your living space.

Create one point focal point

If you have a very neutral room of whites, greys and beiges - spice it up with one dramatic/bold colour as the feature. Whether it be a bold pillow or painting, use some colour to give it character. This is much more cost effective using one focal point rather than having the whole room compete for your visual attention.

Head to your local auction


Search for hidden treasures like desks, cupboards, chairs. This is a great way to add any style to your home for less than half the price. Mixing and matching old with the new.

Don’t ignore the entry

Styling the front entry of your home by adding flowers and a great vase (fresh or faux) will brighten it up and is an instant mood lifter.

Revamp your dining room table


Instead of throwing away that old wooden dinner table, revamp it. Stand it down, grab some wood paint and jazz it up. You will have a complete new look without even buying a new table. Make sure you choose a colour or lacquer that suits your overall theme.

Swap pillows and wallpaper


Changing up rooms with different-coloured pillows and wallpaper will give the room a whole new dynamic without any dramatic furniture purchases. Go for a mix of bold colours and patterns. Also add some different textures to the mix to have the perfect pillow family. Wallpaper can change up the room without even painting all the walls. Focus on a feature wall in the room to be the main focal point.

Pay attention to mirrors and lighting


Add mirrors into your design scheme, this makes the room appear bigger and it also reflects the light. Using light throughout a room is a powerful tool, it sets tones and creates the atmosphere in a room. The use of LEDs as feature lights creates depth and texture throughout a space.

Use framed photos as wall art

Create a wall feature of family photos. Get different sized frames, as well as frames in fabric for texture and depth and create a collage. Not only is it a sentimental styling element, they make great wall features.  

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