How to 'unshrink' your clothes

By Marni Dixit August 19, 2016
Shrunk clothes

This is surprisingly easy...

We've all done it before - thrown a load of washing into the dryer only to have accidentally put one of your favourite items of clothing in with it as well and have it emerge a quarter of its original size.

Rather than donating the item of clothing - or giving it to your daughter's doll collection - a new DIY trick has been brought to the light and it's seriously simple.

All you need is baby shampoo! Well, that and a bucket and luckwarm water!

Start by half filling a bucket with lukewarm water, add a lid full or a 1/3 of a cup of baby shampoo or conditioner and let the clothing soak for half an hour.

Blogger, Jill Nystul, shared the handy tip on her YouTube channel, watch the video here for her explanation:

*Note: This will not work on woollen items

Someone commented:

"This worked for me! I didn't have baby shampoo so I used hair conditioner per another comment and my 100% rayon pants are saved."

Another commented on the video to give their own tip for fixing shrunken woolen items:

"A tip for wool sweaters if they shrunk. Plunge them into very (very) hot water and when (very) wet grab it by the collar swing up and down (while hot) until the size you want.

"Then, while it's very wet and heavy (from the water) hang them and let the water weight do the rest. My mom done it a lot o f times and it works. Hope you like the tip and it helps."

Will you be trying this new hack?

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