The latest and tastiest dessert crazes to try in Sydney this month

By Sangeeta Kocharekar August 5, 2016

These desserts take sweetness to the next level

These are the latest dessert trends happening in Sydney. 

Black Star Pastry’s Strawberry Watermelon cake


Officially the most instagrammed cake, BlackStar Pastry’s Strawberry and Watermelon cake has crowds lining up for it every weekend at their Newtown Bakery.

What makes the cake so special if it’s delicate floral aromas and light texture plus the surprise of that goegous watermelon slice through the middle.

Pastry Chef Christopher Thé  has created a special white chocolate version of the cake– available only at the smooth Festival of Chocolate September 10th and 11th in The Rocks. This slightly adapted version is a little richer without overpowering the beautiful light texture of this famous cake that Sydney is absolutely gaga for!

Being a BIG kid again


The latest dessert trend is all about taking you back to your childhood. From fairy Floss to Caramel Pop Corn, M&Ms to crumbled cookies and cream…the latest desserts are topped with lashings of everything.

Who’s doing it best?

The team from Kayter Co known best for their coconuts topped with eclectic collections of everything from  Chocolate dipped pretzels to syringes filled with caramel sauce have created the Crazy Cronut Stick.

Zumbo Patisserie... turning macarons into burgers? Amazing.



If you thought Nutella was just for sandwiches, think again. Sydney’s dessert designers are packing everything with Nutella from doughnuts to Cronuts, Canoli’s and Cruffins. Take one bite and you’re in heaven.

Who’s doing it best?

My Donut Box – one look at their Instagram feed and you’ll be drooling. This team has created an Ice Cream Donut Burger with lashings of Torched Hot Gooey Marshmallows and Warm Nutella…enough said!

The Chocolate Kebab


Most people know all too well the joy of tucking into a late night kebab filled with lamb, beef or chicken but now you can enjoy the gooey gooness of chocolate, strawberries and ice cream on a kebab.

Tasting the chocowrap is almost as satisfying as watching them shave the chocolate off the giant chocolate kebab!

Who’s doing it best?

Original Chocowrap

Getting your Greek on


Loukemades (delicious puffs of soft pastry smothered in honey) have long been cherished by the Greeks but now these gorgeous morsels are coveted by the Sydney foodie set.

Even better… is messing with tradition and covering them with lashings of Nutella, honeycomb sauce or crushed nuts

Who’s doing it best?

The Honey Puff Queen

Me Meli Food Van

smooth Festival of Chocolate will be held on September 10th and 11th in The Rocks.