Science reveals listening to sad songs actually make you happier

By Marni Dixit February 2, 2016
Listening to sad music makes you happy

Apparently listening to sad music can actually have a positive effect on you!

Sometimes when you're having a bad day, there's nothing better than listening to a sad song - it sounds weird but it makes you feel better, right?

Well, according to Anthony Domanico for Cnet, sad music actually has a positive effect on the listener's mood with a recent study by the Free University of Berlin saying it lifts our spirits and has a "significant positive effect on our emotional well-being.”

The study found that the listener felt nostalgic for happier times and places in their lives when they listened to the sad tunes. 

Explaining how nostalgia can lift our moods, Krystin Batcho, Ph.D. wrote in a post for Psychology Today, "By triggering reminiscence, nostalgia can remind us of who we once were, how we overcame challenges in the past, and who we are in terms of our relationships to others."

It's because of these memories that we feel less alone and happier when we hear the sad songs!

Batcho said, "By identifying with the lyrics of a sad song, a listener can empathize with the vocalist and understand that others have shared experiences of rejection, loss, unrequited love, misfortune, or other themes characteristic of sad songs."

Makes sense right?! 

Basically we're self-soothing ourselves and lifting our own spirits!

So next time you're feeling down in the dumps, try listening to your favourite sad song and see how you feel, we know we'll be giving it a try!

Sad music makes you feel happy