Science says this one thing makes us more attractive

By Marni Dixit October 24, 2017
Angelina Jolie portrait session in 1991

Are you quite a mysterious person when it comes to matters of the heart? Are you currently single? Well, this might be where your problem lies...

A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has found we are attracted to people who are easy to read.

Jennifer lawrence

We bet Jennifer Lawrence would agree - she's pretty much an open book.

Participants in the study were given pictures of different women and were then asked to figure out what emotion the woman was expressing, following that they were asked how attractive they found the women.

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And it seems the participants were less likely to be attracted to women who put on a poker face.

Now we know you might want to play a little hard to get and that's fine, but the key piece of info here is that for that to work, the person needs to already be attracted to you according to a study from Psychology Today.


Another way to appear more attractive? Simply telling the person how you feel (you know, if your face can't tell them for you).

In a study done in 1986, participants were partnered up and privately told their partner either did or did not like them. When asked later on how they felt about their partner, those who had been told they were liked always rated them higher than those who were told their partner did not like them.

Ultimately people act more positively if they think the other person likes them. 

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