These once-popular girls names will soon be extinct!

By Marni January 25, 2016
Baby names

It seems so strange to think that there are certain names that are around at the moment, but could soon be wiped from existence and that's exactly the case with these names!

Carol was the 38th most popular name in the 1960s, with over 112,00 girls given the name, but in 2014 no one was given the name Carol!

The other names that are set to disappear are:

Sandra, which dropped from the 686th most popular to 1016th.

Donna which fell from 441st to 3514th

Julie has gone from 436th to 1272nd

Debbie fell from 571st to 2464th

Tracy went from 686th to 3160th

Susan dropped from 397th to 1882nd

Elaine went from 441st to 3514th

Annette suffered a similar fate to Carol after going from 944th to zero as no babies were named Annette in 2014.

Kathleen fell from 227th to 715th

Ann has gone from 539th to 1299th

Well there you go! Will you be sad to see these names disappear?

These names disappearing does give more room for the latest baby name trend, gender neutral names!

But we do think we'd probably be better off without one of the other growing trends, naming children after Instagram filters!