You've been drinking wine wrong your whole life

By Sangeeta Kocharekar January 10, 2017

Even the keenest of wine-drinkers only seem to know the basic rule of vino-serving: white wine is best served chilled, while red is best at room temperature. But there's actually a lot more to it. 

Taylors Wines decided to delve deeper into Aussie wine-drinking habits, surveying 27 of the country's food, drink and wine experts to gain more insight into the effect of temperature on wine. 

They found that 80 per cent of Australians drink their red wine too warm and their white wine too cold. A staggering 800,000 bottles of red and white wine each day are inadvertently being consumed at the wrong temperature. 


So what is too cold or too hot? For white wine, the optimum serving temperature range is between 6°C-12°C depending on the variety; much warmer than the 3°C-4°C that the average refrigerator is set at. Conversely, red wines are best served between 12°C-18°C depending on the variety; far cooler than the typical Aussie home ‘room temperature’ which hovers between 21°C-23°C, or warmer during the summer months.

Taylors Wines’ resident Master of Wine, Neil Hadley, said a difference of only a few degrees can change the taste completely.

"Red wine served too warm loses its balance of subtle flavours because the alcohol and tannins overpower the flavours and aromas, so by chilling for just 30 minutes, you get the complexity and balance of flavours that the winemaker intended."

While it's all good knowing these 'perfect temperature' facts, how can we know if our wine is at them or not? Lucky for us, Taylors took all the hard work out of it by introducing a temperature sensitive label on the back of its $20 Promised Land and Estate wines. The label changes colour as it gets warmer, cooler or optimum temperature. 


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