5 weddings gifts couples actually want

By Sangeeta Kocharekar December 2, 2016

These are the wedding presents you probably hadn't even thought of giving

As the founder and director of online gift registery The Gift Collective, Charles Roche knows a thing or two about weddings presents. We asked the entrepreneur, who you may remember from The Farmer Wants A Wife, for his advice on what the heck we should give a couple on their wedding day. Here are the five items he says are always winners:

1. Artwork

More and more couples are choosing unique pieces of art for their wedding gift. The Gift Collective partnered with Bluethumb, Australia’s largest art marketplace, to offer brides and grooms a wide selection of artwork to choose from.

2. Travel


The financial stress of planning a honeymoon on top of a wedding is huge for young couples. Charles says he's finding that more and more newlyweds are loving the idea of a trip away to celebrate.

Clearly an airfare and luxurious activity itinerary might be out of your budget, so he recommends chatting to other guests before the wedding, and seeing if you can all chip together.

3. Wine

Fine wine, like a perfect partnership, only improves with time. Contributing to the beginning of a couple’s wine collective is the perfect gift idea.

4. Charity causes

What do you get for the newleyweds who have everything? A donation to their favourite charity is a beautiful way to celebrate their union and share the love.

5. Expensive household items such as a Thermomix

Although blenders may seem like a passé wedding gift nowadays, there are certain household items that are still coveted by couples – and the Thermomix, which retails at over $2,000, is definitely one of them.

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