The one thing men can’t resist in a woman

By Stephanie Nuzzo March 28, 2018

And it’s probably not what you'd assume

Men are curious creatures (if you’re a dude reading this, sorry, but you are). For many women, trying to understand the inner workings of the male mind consumes more time than we’re willing to admit and results in a few too many yelly rants at girlfriends, work wives or even your phone as you stare at that Instagram feed you can’t help but visit just one more time.


The team at Popsugar has helped us out a great deal by sharing what they’ve found is the secret to winning the hearts of men. There is one quality that they simply cannot resist... 

And it is independence. 

Did I just hear a sigh of relief? Thought so. 

No, lovely ladies, their number one desire is not a woman with a Kim K booty and waist as wide as most people’s wrists. Men want (please excuse the reference here) an independent woman. 

And look, it makes a lot of sense. When you’re choosing a partner in life, you want someone who compliments your world, not someone who depends on it. Having your own life, your own opinions and your own goals is sexy – and that goes for any gender. 

The experiment went on to show that the least attractive quality you could have is “neediness”. No one wants to feel suffocated; that’s just tiring and kind of annoying. 

Always ensure you’re creating time to work on you, minus your significant other, and you’ll maintain that intriguing independent vibe. Don’t get too wrapped up in that loved-up couple world or you may risk tainting it. 

You’re a complete and fabulous lady on your own, honey. Don’t ever forget it.  

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