People still love Valentine's Day but many see it as a test

By Marni Dixit February 14, 2017
Valentine's Day

Ah Valentine's Day, a day to show the one you love just how much you care – or the day to test your partner and the relationship by putting unnecessary pressure on them?

A survey of more than 1000 RSVP members found that while 39 per cent love the day, most people believed the day was more of a test.  

Users were also asked what they liked about the day, with one saying, “It’s a nice excuse to make some effort to show your partner what they mean to you.” Another added, “It's a day where you can tell or be told that you're loved.”

However, not everyone is impressed by February 14th, with 17 per cent of survey respondents believing the day is unnecessary and eight per cent downright hate it. A bulk of people also sit on the fence, with 34 per cent of respondents not being bothered by the day.

Valentine's Day

Of those who aren’t getting that lovin’ feeling when it comes to Valentine’s Day, on why they didn’t like the day, one said,

“The expectation of spending a lot of money on flowers or dinner to prove your love... It also puts pressure on people financially.”

Valentine's Day flours

Another user noted:

“Some people get too materialistic and forget the real meaning of sharing and showing their affection.”

In the lead-up to February 14th, RSVP sat down with dating and relationship psychologist, John Aiken (who you would know from Married At First Sight), to discuss how those single and taken should approach the day. Aiken explained that Valentine’s Day should be a day where regardless of relationship status, people get outside of their comfort zone and see where the day takes them.

“This Valentine’s Day it doesn’t matter if you have a date or not because the bottom line is it’s a great day to try and push yourself out there."

“If you are single with no prospects, do what you can to shake it up, take a deep breath and ask that person out that you’ve always wanted to ask out. If you do have a date, make it special, it’s Valentine’s day, it’s a great time to share something new and novel together.”

When asked how Aiken feels about Valentine’s Day, he replied: 

“I love Valentine’s Day. I’m in the world of relationships and dating, and I think any day that encourages couples to come together or singles to get out there and ask someone out, I think it’s fantastic... So, use the day, get excited about it and do something special."

If you don't have anyone or aren't really interested in dating right now, there's always Galentine's Day where you can celebrate your friendships!

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