Research reveals just how important kissing is for your relationship

By Marni July 6, 2016
Kissing couple

To celebrate International Kissing Day, dating site eHarmony conducted some research into the importance of kissing in a relationship, and it turns out it's actually way more important than you probably thought!

Whether it's just a quick peck or a longer pash, the dating site found that kissing is the key to a happy relationship and could prevent divorce!

Couples surveyed, including those in de facto relationships and people who were married, said they need at least one proper kiss a day to feel satisfied. Those who were in new relationships, however, said they needed around three or four kisses to feel happy.

The Notebook kiss

Body Language and Kissing Expert, Katia Loisel, told Smooth the benefits of kissing:

“Kissing can increase attraction, boost oxytocin (the cuddle hormone that induces connection and intimacy) and reduce conflict and stress. Therefore, couples who kiss frequently are also more likely to feel happy and connected as well as experiencing additional benefits from increased touch, eye contact and intimacy. It is such a small action that can reap big rewards for couples.”

While it’s important to kiss often, being a good kisser is also key with one in five participants saying they would break up with a bad kisser.

Moe good kisser

And it seems women find it more important than men, as they’re twice as likely than men to dump a bad kisser, Katia added:

“Numerous studies have shown that women place more importance on kissing than men and use kissing as a form of mate selection, and a way to initiate, maintain and evaluate the health of their relationship. Whilst a bad kiss can be a deal breaker, a fabulous kiss can be a game changer with studies showing that a good kiss can actually make you appear more attractive.”

Wow, better get practising!

Seth and Summer kiss

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