The story behind this viral wedding photo is unbelievable!

By Huna A October 27, 2016

This photo featuring a shocked bridal party is going viral for the craziest reason

So most photographers just go with “Say cheese” but photographer Leslie Hollingsworth had an unusual method for getting this reaction from the bridal party. 

Image | Leslie Hollingsworth

The bridal party was so large, Leslie had to back up to fit everyone in. She told the Huffington Post:

"It was such a huge wedding party, so I had to back up a little bit [to get the shot],

"Maybe two feet off the curb. I was out there for five seconds." 

In that five seconds, a car flew around the corner and nearly ran her over. 

While Leslie had her back turned, everyone in the bridal party could see how close she came to being hit by the car:

“I just felt the wind go past me. It was really close!

"My assistant told me how close I came to being hit...The father of the bride was yelling and shaking his fists at the driver.”

Leslie had no idea she’d captured the jaw-draping reaction until the next day when she processed the photos. 

"It was so hysterical. All the girls are horrified,

“The couple is sitting there indifferently. They don't even notice anything. And all the guys are like 'What just happened?!'"

Lucky there wasn’t a horrific accident, can’t be a good sign on your wedding day.

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