These are the two most popular baby names... again!

By Marni Dixit May 9, 2016
These are the two most popular baby names... again!

It looks like classrooms are going to be filled with Emmas and Noahs in a few years!

The Social Security Administration in the US has released the list of most popular baby names for 2015 on The Today Show and the top three names on both the boys and girls lists are the exact same as they were the previous year.

Here are the lists:


1. Emma 

2. Olivia 

3. Sophia 

4. Ava

5. Isabella 

6. Mia 

7. Abigail 

8. Emily 

9. Charlotte 

10. Harper 

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1. Noah 

2. Liam 

3. Mason 

4. Jacob 

5. William 

6. Ethan 

7. James 

8. Alexander 

9. Michael 

10. Benjamin 

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Both Emma dn Noah are popular throughout Europe and the English-speaking world with Social Security Commissioner, Carolyn Colvin, telling Huffington Post

“The names that are popular now are influenced by pop culture, video games, movies, celebrities, along with religion and family.” 

Nameberry, a name database, has got quite the different top ten when it comes to their most popular names with Alaia taking out the top spot on the girls' list and Ezra on the boys'.

But here are the fastest-rising names according to Nameberry (more of an international snapshot):


1. Alaia 

2. Meilani 

3. Aitana 

4. Aislinn 

5. Taya 

6. Adaline 

7. Briar 

8. Zelda 

9. Adley 

10. Lennox

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1. Riaan

2. Huxley 

3. Wilder

4. Jaziel 

5. Canaan 

6. Kaison 

7. Brixton 

8. Ridge 

9. Omari 

10. Jabari 

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