Experts reveal 10 tips for anyone who's thinking about proposing

By Marni Dixit August 25, 2017

If you're ready to take the next step with your girlfriend/boyfriend, then you need this!

If you're thinking about asking your partner to marry you and have absolutely no idea how, don't stress because we spoke to Samantha Davies of Unforgettable Proposals and she has revealed everything you need to know about popping the question!

If you also need help on the ring itself, we've got you covered thanks to Matthew Ely, a gemmologist and jeweller based in Sydney, who has explained to us what you need to consider when you buy a ring for your special someone.

The actual proposal

1. Listen to her or ask a friend!

Samantha told Smooth that if you're considering popping the question, your partner will likely be dropping hints, so make sure you're listening!

“A lot of the time your girlfriend will mention, you know ‘This is how I want my proposal to be’ and take notes. Or speak to her best friend because a lot of the time she would have mentioned something to her best friend.

2. Hire a proposal planner

This is something you're (hopefully) only doing once in a lifetime, so if you want something truly special, contact Samantha and her team, they have planners across the country who can cater to you. If you only have a few hundred dollars to spare or if you have a couple thousand, the team will be able to help make the day incredible. 

3. Hire a photographer

“Make sure you have a photographer to capture the moment, it’s definitely something that you guys can look back on and you can have at your wedding.”

4. Have a ring or diamond ready

I second this, at least have something even if it's not the final engagement ring, Samantha said:

“Make sure you’ve got a ring at your proposal, so even if you want to build a ring together because I know a lot of guys are a bit nervous about purchasing one, you can just purchase a diamond and put that in a ring box.

"And then it kind of feels like you’ve sealed the deal, sometimes if you’re asking without a ring she may be thinking, ‘When are we getting the ring?’”

"So I think it’s just good to have that ring or some kind of purchase to present.”

5. Scout out the location

Make sure you're prepared and know what is happening at the place you want to propose, you don't want to get there only to find there's some kind of event on or the weather is horrible so you have to completely change tactic on the fly. Probably another good reason to get Unforgettable Proposals on the case! Samantha said:

“Say if you’re doing it at the beach, maybe go there the day before, see what the weather is like, see how busy it is, just think your proposal plan through. It’ll help relax the nerves on the day.”

Now, as if proposing isn't hard enough, let's talk about the ring itself. When it comes to picking out your ring Matthew gave Smooth his top tips on choosing the right piece of jewellery for your partner. 

Choosing the right engagement ring

1. Choose a jeweller you trust.

If you know that your partner's family has a jeweller they know and use often, it's could be a good idea to use them for the engagement ring. Trust is a must according to Matthew when it comes to your jeweller:

"When selecting an item as intimate as an engagement ring, working with a trusted jeweller who is able to channel your personal tastes and characteristics into the finished design can make all the difference. Ensure you build a solid rapport with your jeweller and that you’re clear about what it is you are looking for in your dream engagement ring. When creating bespoke pieces for my clients, it’s a collaborative experience so don’t be afraid to speak up – especially if the final result isn’t quite what you were hoping for."

2. Know what shape your partner desires 

Hopefully, you have some kind of idea about what type of ring your partner wants, a handy tip that Samantha mentioned to us was to have a look at their Pinterest account if they have one, as they'll likely have pins relating to their dream engagement ring. Matthew told us:

"There is a vast range of diamond shapes available to choose from, so be sure to ask her friends, family or often clues can be found on her social media channels. Not to be confused with the cut of a diamond, the 'shape' of the diamond refers to its physical form whereas the cut of a diamond refers to the way in which the diamond is cut, how many facets the diamonds contain and the dispersion of light."

3. Decide on each of the four C’s 

"The quality and value of a diamond is determined by measuring four key characteristics: colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. Each characteristic is measured on its own scale and a diamond can vary in each characteristic. Be sure to discuss these characteristics with your jeweller so that you are familiar with the diamonds in your ring."

4. Decide on your preferred materials 

"With a range of materials available for your ring’s band and settings, each of which can alter the look, feel and value of your ring, your next step will be to decide on your preference both in taste and how each will work in conjunction with the overall ring design and diamonds in your ring. Women will often prefer one colour over another when it comes to their jewellery, so think about the pieces she wears often if you need inspiration of where to start."

5. Figure out what will actually look best on them 

"Consider which diamond shapes and styles will best complement your partner's hand/fingers as some shapes look best on longer fingers for example."

OK, we've done our best to help, now it's up to you! Good luck! 

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