This is the one word Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds won't use in front of their children

By Stephanie Nuzzo August 7, 2017
Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds

And no, it’s not a curse word.

Twenty-nine-year-old actress and mother-of-two Blake Lively recently sat down with Alex Morris of Glamour magazine to chat about raising two girls and how life really is for her young family. 

During the chat, the star of The Shallows touched on sexist behaviours and revealed that she and her husband of five years, Ryan Reynolds, 40, take a lot of care in this area when it comes to their two daughters Ines, 11 months, and James, 2. 

“…with my husband, I’m lucky to have someone who is so conscious,” she told the mag. 

“My husband was like, ‘Why do I always say he?’ [when it comes to toys or animals] And I said, ‘That’s what we’re taught.’ So he’ll pick up, like a caterpillar, and instead of saying, ‘What’s his name?’ he’ll say, ‘What’s her name?’”

Lively went on the state that there is one word in particular she and Reynolds will not use in front of their girls: bossy.

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“We’ve joked that my daughter is bossy,” she said. 

“But my husband said, ‘I don’t ever want to use that word again. You’ve never heard a man called bossy.’”

“It’s belittling. And it doesn’t encourage them to be a boss. So do I know how to be the best parent for a daughter? No, I have no idea. All I can do is share what I’m thinking — and learn from others.”

When asked about the broadly-held opinion that she and her family live the “perfect” life, Lively simply said it’s nonsense. 

“…what you see in the media is not real life. The night before an interview, I have complete anxiety: ‘How is this person going to spin me?’ So when you read, ‘Oh, she’s got a perfect life,’ or ‘Her life is crumbling’— they pick narratives for everyone. And the narratives stick.”

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