This Couple Never Picked A Side Of The Bed And People Are Not Okay

By Krisinda Merhi July 28, 2019


There are some things in life that are a given: the sun will always rise, the sky will always be blue, chocolate is the best dessert ever, and every single person has a favourite side of the bed. 

When you find a partner, you sleep on your side and they sleep on theirs. 

Unless you’re the couple in this story who just never picked a side:

Madness, absolute madness this is! 

But the most shocking part about this story is that the couple^ are not alone. There’s a whole sub-species of slightly unhinged and probably insane people who just don’t pick a side of the bed. 

Thankfully, the majority of people are appalled by this insanity and called out the ‘no side of the bed’ couples on their poor life choices. 

Life is messy and complicated enough - don’t make things more difficult for yourself, people. Just choose a damn side of the bed. 

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Images: Getty, Giphy / Giphy.