Eating this food might mean you're more likely to have a baby boy

By Marni Dixit July 20, 2018

Very interesting! 

New research by scientists at The Royal Society has found that what you eat for breakfast actually has a big impact on whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl! The study found that eating more bananas leads to the birth of a boy! The study surveyed 740 British women who were pregnant with their first baby and found that if you eat more potassium and have a more nutritious pre-pregnancy diet, you'll have a baby boy.

On average, those who had a higher calorie diet and consumed more protein and carbohydrates were more likely to have a girl. 

Apparently, the study also found that those who eat more breakfast cereals before conception were more likely to paint their nursery blue. Fiona Matthews, the research leader told the New Scientist:

"If you want a boy, eat a healthy diet with a high calorie intake, including breakfast. Of women eating cereals daily, 59 per cent had boys, compared with only 43 per cent who bore boys in the group eating less than a bowlful per week."

When it comes to the rumour that drinking more milk before conceiving leads to the birth of a girl, Matthews said:

"The old tale about drinking a lot of milk to have a girl doesn’t seem to hold up. In fact, more calcium [in this study] meant they were again more likely to have a boy."

So if you are hoping for a boy or girl you now know how important breakfast is for you! 

Image: Getty