The five things you and your partner must agree on before you say “I do”

By Stephanie Nuzzo August 23, 2017

These are important. 

Deciding to take the plunge and exchange vows with your forever partner is (obviously) a big move. Keeping one-another happy for the rest of time is no small feat, so before you make the commitment, make sure you’re tying the knot with the right person. 

Elite Daily chatted with relationship expert, Susan Winter who shared the five things you must make sure you and your partner agree on before tying the knot. 

Check them out below:

1. Family And Children:

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Sounds like an obvious one, but the desire to have kids is a pretty big deal. To avoid messy arguments, later on, make sure you discuss what you want before you settle down.

“Being in agreement on the number of children and having the same vision of family life is important for your relationship's success,” Winter told Elite Daily. 

2. Religion: 

“Religion seems less important nowadays. However, in traditional cultures, [this] conversion [may be] mandatory,” said Winter. 

In any case, it’s worthwhile to have a conversation about religion and where you both stand on it. 

3. Career: 

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Are you career-driven? Do you need to travel a lot for work? What’s the plan career-wise if kids come into the picture? These are all topics you need to cover with your significant other. 

“If you're the breadwinner, is your partner willing to take a greater responsibility with the children? Hammer out these details before you choose to become engaged,” Winter told the site. 

4. Location: 

Are you a nomad at heart or is it your lifelong dream to set up house next door to your parents? Your plans for your where you want to build your life will have a major impact on your relationship, so talk it through. 

“If you're a city girl who likes getting away to the country for the weekends, be careful about a mate who yearns to live in the country and occasionally visit the city,” Winter warns. 

5. Finances:

Money getty

Money is a major cause of arguments for couples. Make sure you agree on your plans for how you’ll spend and save before you lock your S.O down.

“Finances are an important part of any couple's relationship. Most of the fighting occurs around money, and being of the same mind as far spending and saving is of the utmost importance,” Winter told Elite Daily.

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