Five tips on how to help your teenager during exams

By Stephanie Nuzzo October 26, 2017
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Because we all remember how intense this time can be… 

The lead up to exam periods can be a stressful time for kids and parents alike. During a life stage like completing high school exams, as an example, pressure can be running high and if not navigated carefully, this can impact your child’s mood, relationships and results. 

Here’s a list of five simple tips that’ll help you help your kids when exam time rolls around:

1. Be as supportive as you can:

It’s important to be a calm, encouraging source of support for your child when the stress of exams weighs on them. Try to be present when they’re studying at home and offer them help where you can. 

2. Encourage healthy habits:

Keep wholesome, healthy treats around the house to ensure your kid isn’t binging on sugar-loaded snacks that will result in an eventual crash. 

Also, be sure to encourage your child is getting enough rest at night. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference when it comes to performing at your best. 

3. Do your best not to distract them:

While chores and family commitments are an important part of teenage life, do your best not to load up your child with demands while they are studying. 

If you can avoid adding more pressure or stress to their week, you’ll be doing them a major favour and will probably avoid an argument in the process. 

4. Explain that results are important, but not everything:

While you want to make sure your teenager is taking their education seriously, ensure that they know that their ATAR results will not make or break their lives. Not achieving the ATAR they had hoped they would is disappointing, but there are always options available. 

If they’re unsure about their next step, Melbourne Polytechnic offers a broad range of options that'll inspire any kid. 

5. Allow them to take a break now and then:

Regular exercise, time away from the books and even a laugh now and then will have a huge positive impact on your child’s mental state. Suggest that your teenager take a moment to refresh and clear their head regularly to avoid them burning out. 

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