MAFS relationship expert shares secret to long lasting marriages

By Christina Cavaleri July 5, 2017

John Aikens is a known relationship expert, so if you’re after some tips on how to keep that spark going, he is the only one to go to...

Relationship expert, John Aikens talks to us about about some new research found by Carnival Cruise Line.

We picked at Aikens’ brain to see what the new craze for a long lasting marriage is all about.

It's called a ‘Honeyboom’.

So basically a ‘Honeyboomer’ is when couples enjoy a second honeymoon when their kids are old enough and less reliant on them.

“These couples want to put the fun back into their relationship, they see holidaying together as the perfect way to enjoy shared new experiences, fun and adventure.

“Honeyboomers have been together for years. 

“However, they’re often busy putting their kids at the centre of their world. 

“For them, a Honeyboom is an opportunity to reignite the love through fun, adventure and shared experiences. 

“It acts as a second honeymoon – an opportunity to rediscover yourself and your partner.”

Well, we'll take any opportunity to go on a holiday.

Aikens says you want to have new experiences on the trip and to ensure you have fun.

“Heading away on a cruise is a good way to tick these boxes without having to spend hours of time planning the finer details. 

“Couples can try snorkelling, go on a water-slide and sing along to a show.”

“With cruises you have the opportunity to be entertained each night with a different show. 

“So, make sure you make the most of your Honeyboom nights onboard, get dressed up and allow yourself to feel special.”


The Married At First Sight relationship expert also says to bring your gym gear for couples outdoor activities.

“Let’s face it, once the kids come along you’ve probably let exercise drop by the wayside. 

“Couples could try out the gym, walk on the beach or bike ride around an island. 

“It’d be great if you find an activity that you both love and can continue doing together once you’re back home.”

The best thing about a ‘Honeyboom’ is that you’re doing it later in life so you will be financially better off and it will give you both a much needed break after the kids.

One thing to remember is that this isn’t a holiday away from your kids, it’s a holiday for the both of you.

“Don’t make sending the kids a text or giving them a quick call off limits, if you feel the need to check in that’s definitely not a bad thing.”

It’s also not the end of the world to bring them if you need to.

“If friends or family can’t help with the kids, there are always ways to make a holiday about you even with the kids in toe. 

“Look at holidays that have a kids club, that way you can still enjoy time together as a couple while still have those precious family moments.”

Carnival research has found that more than 76 per cent of couples miss having fun with their partner and over one third 35 per cent believe a child-free holiday will help them remember why they fell in love.

Image credit: Getty Images/Thomas Barwick