The most stylish engagement rings, according to a top jeweller

By Sangeeta Kocharekar July 17, 2017

We cut through all the selection

Selecting an engagement can be an overwhelming task with all the cuts, colours and general styles available. We enlisted the help of Kate Reid, who's had years of experience helping couples pick their perfect engagement ring as a senior jeweller at Larsen Jewellery to help us wade through the bling choices. 

Scroll down to read her four engagement ring trend picks.

1. What’s old is new again

Art Deco designs are seeing a huge resurgence with many bride-to-bes wanting to capture the beauty and geometry of vintage, art deco ring designs. At Larsen Jewellery, we've designed many of these style rings using our client’s heirloom diamonds which add an authentic vintage element to these pieces, if you haven’t been lucky enough to inherit any of these, we can also source old cut diamonds.

2. Individuality is key

Everyone wants something that sets them apart from the crowd and a beautiful custom-made engagement ring is the perfect sparkly something! When a ring is custom-made it really reflects who you are and what represents your love with your partner. We work closely with couples to help them design a ring that references their heritage, lifestyle, favourite colours or design elements, so that it is something that is unmistakably theirs. Whether we incorporate a special symbol, a birthstone or a personalised engraving, this can be a very touching way of showing how meaningful and thoughtful this process can be.

3. Delicate and feminine

Blake Lively engagement ring

Inspired by celebrities such as Blake Lively, Hayden Panettiere and Leighton Meester, many of our clients are choosing delicate, diamond set, rose gold rings. If rose gold isn't your style, adding a pastel pink or apricot centre stone to a platinum or white gold ring can be a beautiful way of adding a feminine, rosy colour to your engagement ring.

4. Surprise her but let her choose

Chivalry isn't dead, there are still many men who come into our studios wanting to surprise their love with a traditional proposal. However, not all girls are happy to relinquish design control over to their man.

At Larsen Jewellery, we have a couple of options if your special lady can be hard to please. You can select a diamond only and propose with it in a specially designed display case and let her come in and be part of the design process with you, after all, she is going to wear this ring for the rest of her life. We also offer proposal packs which contain a gorgeous silver band inscribed with the words “Will You Marry Me?”, a miniature bottle of champagne and some chocolates. This way you can get down on one knee to pop the question and she still gets to choose the ring she has always dreamt of.