Science confirmed relationships work better when women wear the pants

By Marni Dixit May 31, 2017

Science has just confirmed that relationships are better when women are running the show...

A study published in The Journal of Sex Research found that men care less if their female partner wears the pants in their relationship than if it was the other way around. So basically, if the woman had less power in the relationship, it would take a greater toll on her than it would if the man had less power.

Apparently, it goes back to the any years of gender inequality that we as women have been subjected to. Associate professor at the UB School of Social Work, Laina By-Cheng, said:

“Inequality within a relationship doesn’t cost men as much because they are still cushioned by a broader system of male privilege.”

And we must say, it makes a lot of sense. If we are told from childhood that we're the lesser sex, any events that build on that 'fact' will trigger feelings of inequality. 

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During her research, which included looking into online and mobile data of the participants, it was found that relationships are more successful if the power is in the woman's favour.  The professor continued:

"When men are subordinate in a relationship, it doesn’t bother them very much. They don’t see those relationships as less intimate or stable than relationships in which they are dominant. But for young women, having less power in a relationship is associated with diminished intimacy and stability and comes with greater risk of abuse."

Very interesting!