Science says this is when you're most likely to cheat on your partner

By Marni Dixit September 7, 2017

Is there some truth behind the seven-year itch?

A new study in the Journal of Sex Research has found that women who have been married for a moderate amount of time as opposed to those who have been married for shorter and longer periods are more likely to cheat.

The survey, which involved 423 people, found that women who have been married for six to 10 years were most likely to consider having an affair. When it comes to men, the likelihood they'd be tempted to stray increased as the time they were married increased. If a man has been married for 11 years or more, they're even more likely to want to cheat.

The authors of the study believed that the reason women are more likely to cheat in the six to 10-year window was because at this stage any children are likely to be a little older and less vulnerable. But the investment into their family is generally enough to stop the women from actually straying.

As time goes on, there's an evolutionary drive to seek out more partners as a way to have more children outweighs the desire to invest time in taking care of kids that already exist – that sounds horrible! If you also consider the fact that menopause may be looming around this time, it explains why women may want to cheat during that period of their lives.

That may be the evolutionary reason, but according to Michael Steger, Ph.D who spoke to Women's Health, one of the reasons women say played a role in their cheating was ageing and the thought that they hadn't achieved enough over the past decade, leading them to potentially make the decision to cheat. 

When it comes to the reason men cheat, it's pretty simple really, the other person was just really hot according to Superdrug's Online Doctor. The second most common reason was that they felt like the other person was also there for them emotionally. The third reason is that the men believed their partner wasn't giving them enough sex. 

If you're worried about your partner cheating, you should probably know that Illicit Encountersa dating site for those wanting to have an affair, found that cheaters more often contact the person their cheating with on Monday during the commute to work – more specifically between 8am and 9am. The reason for this time is usually because they've had a whole weekend dedicated to their families and are getting in touch after two days of radio silence.

Image: 20th Century Fox