These are reportedly Australia's 'worst' baby names

By Marni Dixit August 30, 2017

What do you think?

Kidspot's Sabrina Rogers-Anderson has come up with a list of more "creative" names that have grown in popularity, so much so that she's been able to fill an entire book about them! 

We've pulled together the top ten obscure boys and girls names that made Rogers-Anderson's list.

Check them out for yourself below:


1. Bacardi

2. Gaige

3. Harisyn

4. Jakxsen

5. Jarren

6. Kendrew

7. Laken

8. Nicomachus – seriously, what even is this?

9. Wyliumm – no, just no.

10. Zuler


1. Alize – according to Rogers-Anderson, this one is pronounced "Ah-lee-zay"

2. Dijon 

3. Enivid – it's Devine backwards... 

4. Feel

5. Harleen

6. Jazlyn

7. Kiranda – perfect for a Kardashian!

8. Mignon

9. Vejonica

10. Zyla

If you're expecting a little one or trying to decide your future tot's name, keep in mind that if you choose an out-there name you might be hindering the future of your bub! Ms Rogers-Anderson told Mamamia that employers often have an aversion to hiring people with a "bogan" name:

“One CEO of a particularly big name company said to me 'I cannot help but look down on names that are misspelled’.” 

“Obviously no one will go on record, because it sounds like discrimination.”

We'll be keeping that in mind from now on! 

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