Here are the most popular baby names for 2017

By Stephanie Nuzzo November 23, 2017

Did your baby's name make the list?

2015 was the year of Instagram filter baby names – think Lux and Ludwig. 2016 was filled with Pokemon Go-inspired baby names, like Onyx and Ivy. 

In 2017, parents (mostly) took a step away from eccentric and decided to return to classic names, assumedly in an effort to avoid seeing their children have to constantly repeat, "No, no. It's Lux, with an 'x'. Not c-k-s."

Baby Boss 20th Century.gif

Once again, our pals at Nameberry have shared the stats on which names y'all are loving the most this year.  The baby name experts have shared a list of the 2,000 most popular boys and girls names for 2017 and for the most part, the top names for the year are fairly traditional. That's not to say there are no unusual choices, however...

Old favourites Olivia and Harvey took out the top spots for the year, followed by traditional names Charlotte and Atticus (lots of people must be reading To Kill a Mockingbird) then things get all kinds of quirky in third place with Khaleesi and Jack taking out the bronze title. 

We've taken the top 10 from the list of and shared them with you here: 

Rank Girls Boys
1 Olivia Harvey
2 Charlotte Atticus
3 Khaleesi Jack
4 Cora Jasper
5 Isla Asher
6 Isabella Milo
7 Aurora Theodore
8 Amelia Oliver
9 Amara Henry
10 Penelope Bodhi

If you're, like, really into names and want to see all four thousand of them, you can find them on the Nameberry website

Image and gif: Getty, 20th Century